A Brief History

Whenever you think of a four wheeler that is versatile in various kind of environment you will think about Land Rover. Whether you are driving on rough terrains or standard roads, land Rover will be your best mate for travelling. It has been popular for many years now and a look in its brief history will tell you how this car has made its way till date.

Beginning of Land Rover

In 1947, Maurice Wilks and Spencer Wilks made a sketch on Welsh Beach which later developed into this giant automobile company.

During 1948, Land Rover was launched at Amsterdam Motor Show and it was a grand success. Being a stop gap product it started outselling other products present in the market then. When the year ended, Land rover was exported to about 70 countries. In 1949, Land Rover was exported to USA.

The years between 1950 to 1954 saw changes brought about in the vehicle that made it more popular. Some of the changes were updating the dynamic four wheel system; size of the engine increased and the load space was also expanded.

In 1955, a new power unit was introduced in Land Rover and its wheelbase also expanded for making it more spacious. 1957 saw the introduction of diesel engine, a whole new addition to the family of Land Rover. During 1959, the 250000th Land Rover was manufactures and this car was popular even after so many years.

There has been development in the engine and body of the vehicle but some changes were there in management team of Land Rover.

Mergers and acquisitions

It was during 1965 when Land rover negotiates with General Motors so that they can acquire the rights of V8 petrol engine. Later in 1967, this company merged with Leyland, who later merged with British Motor Company and brands like Jaguar, Austin, Morris, came under one roof- British Leyland.

1976 marked the timeline as 1 millionth Land Rover was manufactured this year and after that in 1978 Land Rover limited was created.

Years came and found new addition to the family of Land Rover like 4 door range Land Rover was launched in 1981, in 1990 its 4x4 model named ‘Discovery’ was launched.

In 1994 this company was taken over by BMW, and they introduced P38 Range Rover. Ford took over land Rover in 2000 and introduced new models. In 2008 Tata Motors took over the rights of the company and from then they are steadily developing this brand.