Commercial use of Land Rovers and Range Rovers

Land Rovers and Range Rovers have sold consistently well since they were first introduced to the market and one of the reasons for their success lies in their versatility. Not only are they stylish private vehicles, both brands have a practical side that only helps to boost overall sales.

That practicality makes Land Rovers and Range Rovers ideal vehicles in a commercial setting too. Over the years they have been used by farmers, general tradesmen and other private business owners while the army has been taking advantage of Land Rovers in particular for many years. The main reason for that is that both models have the perfect balance of every factor needed for a successful commercial vehicle.

Firstly, there is the effective four wheel drive system that makes both Land Rovers and Range Rovers perfect for even the toughest of terrains. For farmers and landowners, this quality is naturally going to be essential as it will help them to access even the remotest areas of their land. The outer frames of both cars are also extremely tough so you have a vehicle that can cope with what`s under its wheels while the body can withstand the general wear and tear that this style of driving can often throw at it. This is obviously an attractive benefit for the army too.

Both makes of car are also considered to be extremely reliable and if you need any evidence of that, you only have to look at the amount of vintage Land Rovers still on the road. They are mechanically sound and if something does go wrong, parts are regarded as easy to find and cheap to replace.
The fact that so many vehicles from both ranges remain in use in the modern day is testament to how reliable they are from a mechanical viewpoint.

Neither car is particularly renowned for being fast: Times will vary depending on which model you test but a typical Land Rover will achieve 0-60 miles per hour in around 15 seconds. There is a powerful 2.5 litre engine with most models however so top speeds are good but for most tradesmen, the needs for pure speed isn`t what it`s all about.

Both the Land Rover and the Range Rover come supplied with a large capacity to carry all sorts of tools and equipment and once again, this is another reason why they are so popular in a wide variety of commercial settings.

Farmers can even carry a limited number of livestock along with a number of essential tools but for general trades, both models are spacious enough to cope with a heavy load of gear.

Overall, the Land Rover and Range Rover bring together all those commercial requirements in the best possible way. They are both versatile enough to withstand the toughest of grounds and that makes the four wheel drive element one of the best around.

In addition, there is the strength and capacity to help any number of private business people in a whole range of professions.

Finally, while you should never disregard the need for AA roadside assistance, both makes are so reliable that with care and attention, they could literally last a lifetime.